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Deb Stokolan® Classic. Silicone-free skin care cream which is easy to apply, is swiftly absorbed and does not leave any unpleasant or annoying oily film. Stokolan® Classic has a proven track record in helping to prevent occupational skin diseases and in supporting their treatment. It contributes to reducing skin irritations and it soothes the skin. By simultaneously providing moisture and oils, it enhances the natural regeneration of the skin, and used regularly, it keeps the skin smooth and supple. This helps to stop the skin becoming rough or dry – which is the cause of many occupational diseases and it maintains the natural protective function of the skin.

  • A concentrated moisturising and conditioning cream to help restore moisture in dry and stressed skin
  • High glycerine content to enhance elasticity and soothe the skin
  • Contains lanolin to support the skin barrier and smooth the skin
  • Skin care rating 2
  • Contaminants/ Applications (Purposes): Dry | Stressed Skin
  • Where to Use: For use in industrial and healthcare environments, especially where employees are prone to dry or stressed skin

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