EHZ-2K Powergrip Clamp

EHZ30-2K Capacity 30cm EHZ30-2K Powergrip Clamp Capacity 300mm Bessey


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The one-handed clamp EHZ – full power with just one hand

This extremely sturdy original BESSEY one-handed clamp EHZ is perfect for all work that needs to be carried out with one hand e.g. for overhead tasks, or if a further tool needs to be used at the same time for aligning purposes. Not only does the one-handed clamp allow you to hold or fix in place with just one hand, it also allows you to clamp just as powerfully as ever. That means you save both manpower and time.

Clamp and fix in place quickly and simply with just one hand.

Your benefits at a glance:

1 Parallel handle with pump lever.
The ergonomically shaped handle with pump lever runs parallel to the rail. That way, balanced, safe handling is always guaranteed.

2 Rapid move button.
This button allows you to move the sliding arm at any time, quickly and with minimum effort.

3 Plastic pressure caps
The removable plastic caps provide a nonmarring soft-touch for use with wood and finished metal surfaces.

4 Versatility.
Fixed arm and pressure plate are produced and tempered from a single piece of high-quality BESSEY steel. Clamping is resilient and elastic.

Additional information

Weight1.308 kg
Dimensions38 × 414 × 159 cm



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Capacity 30cm, Capacity 60cm

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