ForgeFast Decking Screws, CSK, TORX®


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The ForgeFast Decking Screws Countersunk TORX® Compatible T25 are suitable for fixing into softwood or hardwood. They have a deep TORX® compatible insert that reduces cam-out, provides higher torque levels and a firmer drive. Its super sharp tip gives immediate bite from the very first turn and the recessed under-head ribs provide superb countersinking. A patented self-drilling thread removes the need to pre-drill the timber and reduces the probability of splitting, even when screwing close to the edge.

Protected by elementech 2000 surface treatment which provides corrosion resistance up to 30 times longer than some standard zinc coated screws. They are highly resistant to pull out, they can flex by up to 35mm, reducing likelihood of screw shearing when used in flexible materials.

CE approved for use in load-bearing timber construction.

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Weight2.3 kg
Dimensions140 × 140 × 120 cm